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New Prescriptions

We can accept either paper prescriptions written by your doctor, or EMR Computer transfers direct from your doctor's office to us. Your doctor's office can find us in the system by name, address or phone. K&J Global Pharmacy 15420 South Route 59 Unit 108 Plainfield, IL 60544 872-208-6171, 872-208-7390

Rx Transfers

If you need to transfer your prescription in order to start picking up your medication at K&J Global Pharmacy, please get in touch. We’ve streamlined the whole transfer process in order to ensure all your needs are met faster. With options like speedy pick ups and delivery options, we’re your best pharmacy choice.

Rx Refills

If you need refills, we will contact your doctor for you to obtain the prescription refill quickly. We make it extra easy to obtain refills on all your prescriptions.

The Care You Deserve

We care about the well-being of each customer who walks through our doors. That’s why we’ve dedicated so much time to ensuring we stock the widest range of medical products, offer the highest quality health services, and retain the best staff possible.

As a middleman

We act as the middleman between your doctor’s prescriptions and your own well being. Our medication management protocols help reduce drug reactions and can offer lower cost drug alternatives, whenever available. Trust our Pharmacy to provide you with the care you deserve.

Drug Reactions

We work directly with your doctor with questions or possible concerns about the medications you are taking. This ensures you are at the lowest possible risk for overdoses and adverse drug reactions. We keep a detailed history of the medications you take.

Pet Prescriptions

Your pets are members of the family, so why not manage their prescriptions along with everyone else's? Nearly half of all pet prescriptions are available as human medications that can be filled right here, while you shop.

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